Apartment Tour

This quiet secluded apartment is tucked in among some of the nicest galleries of Carmel. Located just off the corner of 6th and Lincoln, this amazing location is just a block from Ocean. It is in a very desirable part of Carmel, within walking distance of the beach, and the best restaurants and shopping.

This is a one bedroom apartment but has only a mini kitchenette. But with all the great restaurants around you why cook at home!

It is on the second story away from the street behind the Dawson Cole Fine Art Gallery.

You pay rent and electric. All else is included.

This is an amazingly nice location, right in the center of Carmel.  Note the location.  There are not street numbers in Carmel.  It is the second building in from the corner of Sixth and Lincoln.

Follow the walkway between the buildings.  Go to the stairway on the left.

Go up the steps and it is the first door on your right - shown open

The living room measures 14' x 15 1/2'

Here is the view from the Living Room window.  It is a bright sunny spot.

The kitchenette is small but functional.

The bedroom is 14' x 14' with a closet and built-in desk and bookcase.

The covered back porch is about 4' x 10'

The bathroom is between the Bedroom and Living Room.