House Tour

This unique two story cottage is located on a wooded lot near La Honda. It is 30 minutes drive to Palo Alto and 10 minutes from the beach. La Honda is country, with no street lights, raccoons and trees everywhere. City dwellers beware. The access between floors is by way of a small circular stair and the driveway is steep, so if you have limited mobility or flexibility than this not the place for you.

The cottage shares this very isolated wooded location with two other houses so you are not alone but have friendly neighbors. It overlooks Alpine Creek and is adjacent to acres of county park.

The cottage is small but very artistic. It is a single person non-smoking rental. You are responsible for electric and propane, phone, cable, trash and DSL which are available. There is also excellent cell coverage.

This two story cottage is on a wooded lot, surrounded by Redwoods.  This view is the back of the cottage.

Towering Redwoods and Firs. Two other housed are below cottage on right and behind camera.

Both floors accessible from outside.  Inside, a spiral stair connects floors.

The lower floor as viewed from the kitchen,  with the Bathroom to the right.

Kitchen with gas stove and refrigerator included.

Small bathroom with shower.

View from driveway with upper entrance and deck to the left, lower entrance to the right.

Upper level entrance with deck.

View from deck.

Upper floor is one room with windows in all directions.

Circular steps at far end going to floor below.

This is view as you drive in the driveway from the street.  You will park along fence by the first gate with direct access to the upper floor.